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Oscilloscope Calibrations:
Why is calibration important?

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    What is an oscilloscope?

    An oscilloscope is an electronic test instrument that graphically displays varying signal voltages, typically as a two dimensional plot of one or more signals as a function of time. The voltage component is plotted along the y-axis while time component is plotted along the x-axis. Oscilloscopes have multiple inputs, which allows the user to view multiple signals simultaneously while synced to the same time reference.

    Oscilloscopes are available in a wide range of bandwidths (maximum effective frequency range). Bandwidths can range from as low as 20 MHz up to 50+ GHz.

    Why is it important to view signals on an oscilloscope?

    Viewing signals on an oscilloscope allows the user to see things that wouldn’t be noticed by measuring the same signal with a multimeter. The response time of a multimeter most likely wouldn’t show that a signal is oscillating (changing frequency). Also, an oscilloscope allows the user to measure signals at much higher frequencies than a multimeter would allow.

    While a spectrum analyzer would allow the user to see oscillation and very high frequencies, it would not allow the user to view the signal as a function of time. Using an oscilloscope allows the user to view one or more waveforms and see how those waveforms are behaving over time down to the nanosecond (picosecond for higher bandwidth units).

    Why does an oscilloscope require calibration?

    Calibration should be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended calibration interval to ensure it remains operating within the manufacturer’s published specifications. By having your oscilloscope calibrated, you can be confident that voltage levels and timing of the signals being viewed are accurate.

    What is Anko’s capability?

    Anko Test Equipment Calibrations can calibrate oscilloscopes with bandwidths up to 50 GHz

    If you have an Oscilloscope that needs Calibration or Repair, please contact Anko Electronics Test & Measurment at or call us at: 760-752-3311