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Spectrum Analyzers Calibration Services:
What You Need to Know.

  • spectrum analyzer calibration

    Perhaps one of the most well known pieces of Test Equipment is the Spectrum Analyzer. These instruments are known for their colorful displays and manufacturers such as Keysight (formally Agilent and HP), Tektronix, Anritsu and more. Let’s look into what makes this piece of Test Equipment special.

    What is a Spectrum Analyzer?

    The most basic description of a spectrum analyzer is that it allows the user to view the rms value of a sine wave at much higher frequencies than a voltmeter. Not only does it display the rms value of the frequency of the signal, but it also displays the rms values of a spectrum of frequencies simultaneously.

    Why is it important to view the rms value of a spectrum of frequencies simultaneously?

    Viewing the rms value of a spectrum of frequencies simultaneously allows us to view the harmonics of the fundamental frequency, spurious signals, noise sidebands, and modulation.

    These are important measurements required to ensure that the equipment transmitting a signal is not interfering with any other equipment or systems operating at the harmonic frequencies.

    Why does a Spectrum Analyzer require Calibration?

    Spectrum Analyzer Calibration should be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended calibration interval to ensure it remains operating within the manufacturer’s published specifications. By having your spectrum analyzer calibrated, you can be confident that the signals being analyzed are meeting the required criteria.

    What is the capability of Anko Test Equipment Calibration?

    Anko Test Equipment Calibration can calibrate spectrum analyzers up to 50 GHz.

    If you have a Spectrum Analyzer that needs Calibration or Repair, please contact Anko Electronics Test & Measurment at or call us at: 760-752-3311